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osiris sanction | new york, ny

artwork by ratio22.comOsiris Sanction New York, NY is the second local “cell” of the Osiris Sanction (Arlington, VA being the “Mother Cell,” run directly by National).

The Osiris Sanction is the first LUG (Live Urban Game) in the world: the first truly Trans-Media game that uses every form of interaction available to the players to move the story forward. It is designed to be played at your convenience and allow you to play at whatever level of intensity you wish. We will give you mystery and conspiracy, the excitement of a clandestine meeting, the challenge of complex puzzles to figure out, and ultimately an intense SWAT type combat encounter to finally gain a short term victory over the evil you are fighting.


Latest from New York, NY:

What’s Up, New York?

Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Aidrian O'Connor, one of the two guys (Ford Ivey being the other) that invented the Osiris Sanction, and the owner of the New York, NY cell. The NYC staff is currently in a heavy support mode for the Arlington, VA... more »