Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Aidrian O’Connor, one of the two guys (Ford Ivey being the other) that invented the Osiris Sanction, and the owner of the New York, NY cell.

The NYC staff is currently in a heavy support mode for the Arlington, VA “Mother Cell,” as they ramp up and start running alpha, beta, and theta events, but to be honest the division between the different cells and National is pretty grey at the moment… For all intents and purposes, what happens in Arlington happens everywhere (for now).  As more cells come online, the cells and National are expected to take on far more distinct rolls, all running their own plot and events both online (“beta”) and in meatspace (“alpha” and “theta”).

If you are in the greater NYC area and have an interest is either playing the game or in helping to run a strong NYC cell, definitely contact us via the “Contact New York, NY” page.  At minimum we’ll be setting up some meetups in NYC in the near future for informal and out-of-game discussion about the game.